Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Five Characteristics of Success in MLM, Part Deux

Member: George Lea
Years in Industry:
Location: North Hollywood, California

I'm excited for this blog entry, and I hope you are too. In the last entry, I talked about five characteristics I've seen in my experience that have led people to real success in the network marketing industry. In my opinion, you cannot be successful without them. With them, however, you are in a strong position to achieve your aspirations in this industry.

I want to explain to you how The SpiderWeb Marketing System holds to these characteristics and will help you develop them yourself.

1. They used their own products or services and could explain why you should use them.

This is an easy one. Its easy to sell a product when you use it yourself. A personal guarantee based on experience is a powerful tool. As you use The SpiderWeb Marketing System, you'll see the success, and as you tell others about it, they'll see your success and want to be a part of it as well.

2. They had a reason for doing the business and a business plan.

There are more reasons to do business other than just to make money, right now. While SpiderWeb will make money for you right now, it can also be viewed as an investment, with immediate, and long-term returns. The business network that you build with people with similar goals in mind will benefit you for many years.

3. They let the tools do the selling.

Let us do the work. This system has been created to sell itself for you. The tools are in place to advertise, market, and sell this system, all with no extra effort on your part. Some things really are simple.

4. They were always learning more about the business.

I think this holds true in all aspects of life. Those who stay on top of things, always ready to adapt to the different challenges and changes that come their way, are the ones who make it. At SpiderWeb Marketing, we are daily seeking ways to improve. In fact, we never stop getting better. We've got the best product on the market, and we'll always strive to make it even better.

5. They stayed in the game long enough to have a chance to succeed.

Patience is a virtue in any business. Think of the exponential growth model, which is shaped like a J. It starts out slow, when patience is required, then all of a sudden, boom! Exponential growth. That's how a network operates. From personal experience, I can tell you that the longer you are involved, the broader and more expansive your network will become, until soon you have cash coming in from the farthest reaches of the universe.

I%u2019m convinced that there are keys to success in life. Five of those keys are listed above. For some, they come naturally. For others, they have to be developed. Either way, they work. They just need a vehicle to turn attributes into assets. The SpiderWeb Marketing System is the way to develop those critical attributes and find the success that you work so hard for.

Perhaps you joined MLM for some of the same reasons that I did. I loved the idea of flexibilityI was excited by the comfort of working from home. Perhaps you tried to do some of the same things that I did. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems"I tried a different Company, then another, then anotherI passed out FlyersI attended boring company training events. Either way, however, the point is that I know that through The SpiderWeb Marketing System I can accomplish my goal to Gain financial freedomGain time freedomSpend my time with my familyObtain economic independenceEnjoy my time and my life my wayBe a leader in my businessShare my knowledge with othersShare my success with othersWork less hoursQuit my J.O.B. and be FREEBuy my Dream CarBuy my dream house.

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