Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MLM BBQ Nightmare!

Hey There, George Lea from North Hollywood, Californiaagain! Thanks for visiting my blog! Today I want to share with you a compelling story from Kimball Roundy, founder and inventor of The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It pretty much describes a lot of his struggles, and how he overcame them and established this awesome system. Personally, I can totally identify with the things he went through, which is part of the reason I feel so confident with his system. Here it goes, in his words.

The Depressed but Blessed Monday

I will never forget the day I first stumbled across the concepts that started me down the path of research and development of the Spider Web Marketing System. It was early on a long depressing Monday morning that my life was changed forever. This Monday was depressing not only because I found myself back at my dead-end job yet again, but far worse because I had spent the previous three weeks preparing for the recruiting-event-to-end-all-recruiting-events. It was to be the most successful "meeting" that anyone had ever seen.

The Master Plan

I was certain that after this huge "opportunity" BBQ, everyone in my company was going to be coming to me to figure out what I had done to recruit so many people. I had my small downline buzzing with excitement about how we were all going to be able to kick back and watch the cash roll in after this event. Previous small casual BBQ's at my home had been somewhat effective and encouraging, so I was sure that this large gathering was going to be just that much more effective.

I spent well over $1,000 getting ready for the BBQ. I purchased enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed a small army, as well as volleyball equipment, horseshoes, and badminton sets. I rented the largest park in town, a grill the size of my truck and everything else I could think of to make this an enjoyable and successful "meeting".

Then, with a bit of help from some of my top guys, I passed out between ten and fifteen thousand flyers. We talked to everyone we knew and everyone we met as we were preparing for the event. I literally only slept an hour or two each night for the entire week leading up to the BBQ.

Finally, the day arrived. There was a buzz of excitement running through my whole organization. Unfortunately, it would soon be smothered, along with the hearts of everyone who had worked so hard to help put this event together. So, out of the 20,000 people who had heard about the BBQ or got a flyer, the grand total that showed up was...76. Not quite the 5,000 I was hoping for or even the 500 I was willing to settle for--76.

To add salt to an already painful wound, out of those 76 I was able to pitch my opportunity to, there was a total signup of -24.

"How is that possible?" you ask.

Well, I had worked and overworked my entire team and placed way too much emphasis on how well things were going to work out and how easy it was going to be once we were done recruiting the masses that were inevitably going to show up. So, in the face of this massive failure, I lost any and all confidence that my team had in me as a leader. Within a few days, despite my best effort to retain them, I had lost them all.

So there I found myself -- broke, broken, depressed, forced to go back to a job which I had hoped never to return to and searching for any reason I could find to keep myself from giving up on my MLM dream.

Then I found it - the key, the concept, and the strategy with which to make it a reality (which had been hidden right under my nose for five years) that unlocked my mind from the chains that this industry had placed on me. This is the concept that would open my eyes to a new way of looking at this business and a way of seeing things that I had never before been shown.

That is his great story. I'll explain more about the secret that he mentions. Actually, the secret is in the huge system that I write about, and every entry explains more of this complex and comprehensive system.

I totally know what he went through, because I went through it too. When I first joined MLM, I struggled because I have not had enough trainingMy Sponsor is new too and couldn't train meI didn't know enough peopleI didn't know enough about the business to train anyoneI was not good at trainingMy recruits kept quittingI didn't know enough peopleMy Friends and Family were not interestedI didn't know how to "sell"I didn't want to "sell"I was not good on the phoneI didn't have enough leadsI couldn't stand cold calling. It was tough, but I did my best to be successful. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems"I tried a different Company, then another, then anotherI passed out FlyersI attended boring company training events.
Eventually I realized that I needed more help because I was frustrated with the results of my previous effortsMy upline was not very helpfulI was desperate for a way to grow my businessI wanted to work hard with a new, fresh approachI was pressured to expand by uplines or downlines.

However, using The SpiderWeb Marketing System, I have maximized my business potential and brought real leads, business, and money to me.

Now it will do all the hard work for you... Guaranteed!

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